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Waist Deep Skis are unique!

These skis represent my attempt to develop a fine wood ski using mostly eco-friendly materials.  They are made with bamboo cores; from sidewall-to-sidewall; and, from tip-to-tail.  No plastic tip and tail fill, no plastic sidewalls, no plastic top sheet, no paints or dyes.  

Bamboo is technically a grass; it grows to length and gets cut, not killed; and rejuvenates itself in a matter of a couple of months.  It is fast growing, digests carbon dioxide at a faster rate than a tree, and is a great material to work with.

Bamboo is one of the few woody materials that provides both longitudinal flex and horizontal rigidity, which translates to a smoother riding ski, with more direct boot-to-edge contact (as the core incorporates the sidewall). By eliminating tip and tail plastic fill, the skis provide a little 'pop' when entering and leaving the turn.

I use only Isosport IS NHS Race bases on all my skis because they are a super-hard, sintered base with about a 22% graphite mix; which makes sliding faster and easier.

I add dampening materials around the edges to reduce vibration; and, use only a hardened racers edge for a more secure 'rail like' carve.

A Bamboo veneer top-sheet, is emblazoned with our logo; and is etched with its dimensions and turning radius.

The ski refinements are done - I have one more season of testing to do and hope to have them available for pre-order by March 2023.

In the mean time, please purchase my custom-made bamboo poles.  

I think you'll love them!

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